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VCE Vision™ Management Pack For Microsoft(R) System Center

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The VCE Vision™ management pack for Microsoft(R) System Center was developed for people who utilize MS-SCOM as their chosen data center monitoring tool. This integration allows VCE Vblock Systems to be managed as a converged infrastructure system from within the MS-SCOM console.

  • Vblock System Discovery and Visualization
  • Vblock System-level and Component Health Status
  • Vblock Compliance Validation
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This management pack provides the following features/benefits:

  • Vblock System Discovery and Visualization - Discovery of the Vblock system and visualization of the converged infrastructure and inventory within MS-SCOM. The Vblock topology including top level identification of the Vblock system type with compute, network, storage, management and virtualization sub components are displayed.
  • Vblock System-level and Component Health Status - Health status is provided for the overall Vblock system as well as the Vblock components including compute, network, and storage.
  • Vblock Compliance Validation – Compliance scans for both Vblock Release Certification Matrix (RCM) and security hardening are provided. This allos the MS-SCOM administrator to check on Vblock compliance from within MS-SCOM. This includes the ability to view and identify what area of the Vblock system is out of compliance.
  • Vblock Event Monitoring.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) Integration – Additional VM level information is provided through added integration with vCenter allowing VM level information to be seen in context of the Vblock system. This allows an administrator to traverse their infrastrucgture top-down (VM to physical infrastructure) or bottom-up.

Support Versions and Platforms: 

  • Windows Operating systems Windows 2008, or higher.
  • Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 and higher.
  • Integration supports VCE Vision Intelligent Operations versions 2.1 and 2.5.
  • Integration requires JVM 1.6+.

This connector is available for download free of charge and is provided as-is. This offering is NOT included as part of the VCE Support experience, meaning that customers are not entitled to contact VCE Support for assistance on issues related to this connector. For customers that desire to purchase a production level support offering for the VCE Vision(TM) management pack for Microsoft(R) System Center, please contact our partner Avnet at This offering is available directly from Avnet.

If you prefer to engage VCE Professional Services to install this connector, review the available service offerings and specific deliverables for the Microsoft System Center connector. Contact your local VCE representative for pricing and delivery availability. VCE Support is not provided with the VCE installation. Support is available from our partner Avnet listed above.

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