VCE™ Support maximizes the value of customer investment in VCE Systems with an integrated support portfolio that increases system availability, reliability, and productivity. VCE Support ensures

  • Coordination of technical support resources spanning all aspects of VCE Systems, including components from Cisco, EMC, and VMware
  • Access to experts trained in all aspects of VCE Systems
  • State-of-the-art support technologies and proven collaboration processes that proactively identify and rapidly resolve problems

What are the levels of VCE Support?

Customers can choose a range of support options to match their business objectives, specific VCE converged infrastructure systems, and preferred support experience.

For Blocks and Racks

  • VCE Core Support: A foundational, integrated support level that comes standard with all Vblock® Systems, VxBlock™ Systems and VxRack™ Systems
  • VCE Plus Support: An enhanced, higher-touch support option with proactive optimization deliverables
  • VCE Premier Support: The most customer-centric, strategic support relationship to maintain a holistic view of the environment and ensure the best experience

For Appliances

  • VCE Appliance Support: A highly convenient, cost-effective, and seamless support experience tailored for the VCE VxRail™ Appliance

What are the key benefits of VCE Support?

There are four key benefits of VCE Support:

  • Speed time-to-value—Through the right guidance, technology best practices, and strategic support
  • Improve operational efficiency—Through a range of proactive, preventive support capabilities, and deep technical expertise
  • Increase overall satisfaction—With seamless, single-call support to maximize uptime and minimize business disruption
  • Reduce risk and complexity—Supported by vital visibility and insight into timely, relevant information, and with fast resolution of any potential issues

How do I order support for my VCE Systems?

Please work with your VCE sales or partner sales representative to purchase VCE Support.

Will I be able to buy VCE Support from my partner?

Yes. VCE Support is available for purchase through partners. Please work with your VCE sales representative or partner sales representative.

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