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TSO Metrics

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TSO Metrics is a lightweight, non-invasive software solution that gives you unparalleled visibility into your server environment, your application performance, and your energy consumption.

  • Data center monitoring & capacity plannning
  • Insight into application performance
  • Visibility into your energy consumption

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Get deep insight into workload, performance, and untapped cost savings.

TSO Metrics gives you unparalleled visibility into your environment, application performance, and energy consumption.

Our real-time monitoring solution starts with business applications or departments and works down to supporting servers. This shows you your cost per application, cost per transaction, how efficiently you’re supporting workload, and how much you could be saving.


Requires an instance of TSO Metrics and a Vblock environment running VCE Vision Intelligent Operations.


Support for this solution is provided directly from TSO Logic.  For information regarding TSO Logic's support offering, please take a minute to fill out the form below or call 604.424.4150, ext. 112.