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Eyeglass Mobile for Vblock

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As customers rapidly adopt the VblockTM System from VCE, management tools should keep pace with a mobile IT work force.  To meet this challenge, Superna has released a mobile solution for Vblock Systems that is built with VCE VisionTM Software.

  • Prototype mobile solution for VCE Vblock Systems
  • Real time health for each component in the Vblock
  • Available for Android and IOS

What is this?

This prototype mobile application displays status and hierarchy information about the components in one or more Converged Infrastructure Systems. At launch the VCE Vblock System ( is supported. By connecting to the VCE Vision Intelligent Operations agent running on the system, a complete view of the physical inventory is retrievable. The status of the system can be immediately discerned, and fault troubleshooting is possible by walking down through the component tree to find the error source.  Check out this prototype mobile app for browsing a Vblock System and getting real time health for each component in the Vblock.  

If you need assistance with deploying this prototype application in your production environment or building mobile applications to simplify monitoring converged infrastructure, please contact Superna at Sales@Superna.NET.


This application requires the VCE Vision server to be configured with a trusted SSL certificate.   This solution is a prototype application and is not intended for production use.  If you are interested in deploying converged infrastructure mobile solutions, please send an email to Sales@Superna.NET for more information.

Available for Android and IOS:



Support for this solution is provided directly from Superna.  For more information, please send an email to Support@Superna.NET