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VCE Management Pack for vRealize Operations

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The VCE™ Management Pack for vRealize™ Operations (VROps) offers a converged infrastructure operations view for VCE™ Systems. At a glance, infrastructure administrators and operations staff can see the health, risk, and capacity of their VCE Systems with recommended actions on how to remediate problems. Through tight integration with the VCE Management Pack, VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations software  provides component-level hardware, firmware and software status to vRealize™ Operations Manager, which correlates and presents this data to users in its familiar user interface.

  • Simple to download, configure and integrate with VCE Vision™ management software
  • Monitors all major components of VCE Systems
  • Delivers alerts, logs, data and trends in preformatted vROps Manager dashboards

What is this?

The VCE™ Management Pack for vRealize Operations simplifies modern data center operations by displaying VCE System compute, storage, and network technologies with vSphere assets as one integrated, converged infrastructure system in preformatted vRealize Operations Manager dashboards.

Leveraging the patented analytics within the vRealize™ Operations Manager platform, customers can trend the operations data of their VCE™ System resources proactively. This pinpoints problems before they impact the performance and capacity of the vSphere hosts and virtual machines, or escalate to an outage.  Administrators, operations staff and departmental level managers can review the dashboards and take appropriate action.

The VCE™ Management Pack health tree shows connected components in a hierarchical manner with individual health scores, an overall health score of all components within the tree. The heat map widget displays all of the components being monitored by VCE Vision™ software, and with the use of colors, operations managers can quickly detect which components are having the greatest problems. The VCE System Alerts dashboard within this management pack shows all of the alerts from compute, networking, storage and vCenter in one consolidated interface. Administrators can quickly select and drill down into the alert and see the relationships and impact to other components. Moreover, they can review the suggested actions on how to correct the problem.


VCE™ Management Pack for vRealize™ Operations 1.0 is compatible with:

  • VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operation software versions 3.2 and 3.3
  • vRealize™ Operations Manager 6.2.1

VCE™ Systems supported:

  • Vblock Systems 100, 200, 240, 300, 320, 340, 540, 700, 720, 740
  • VxBlock Systems 240, 340, 540, 740

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