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The VCE(tm) Vblock Systems Application for Splunk

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The VCE(tm) Vblock Systems Application for Splunk offers a converged infrastructure view for Vblock™ Systems.   The VCE(tm) Vblock Systems App for Splunk is tightly integrated with VCE Vision™  and provides dashboards highlighting the converged platform areas of inventory, health, key performance indicators, compliance, syslog and events.   This app is compatible with major components of Vblock™ including Cisco, EMC and VMware.

  • Simple to download, configure & integrate with VCE Vision
  • Splunk dashboards including inventory, health, compliance, logs, events
  • Authentication and authorization logs

What is this?

The VCE(tm) Vblock Systems App for Splunk provides visibility into the health and performance of Vblock Systems.  Data related to following features are pulled from VCE Vision MSM (multi system management api) on a periodic basis, analyzed and displayed on Splunk dashboards for monitoring purpose:
Inventory and health of Storage, Compute and Network components
Compliance score against multiple categories and profiles
Virtual machines inventory and their health status
KPI performance indicators
Authentication and authorization logs
Critical AMQP events and their detailed analysis
Syslog data
This app is delivered in two parts in keeping with the Splunk Architecture and best practices:
VCE™ Vblock® Systems App for Splunk – This app provides visualization and dashboards for data provided by Add-on for VCE™ Vblock® Systems
Add-on for VCE™ Vblock® Systems – This app collects data from MSM and Vblocks Systems using REST end points, index them and store them in Splunk DB


Splunk Enterprise version : 6.3.0
 VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations 3.2
 OS : platform independent
Recommended that Splunk search head system should have 8 GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU 


This connector is available for download free of charge and is provided as-is. This offering is NOT included as part of the VCE Support experience, meaning that customers are not entitled to contact VCE Support for assistance on issues related to this connector. For customers that desire to purchase a production level support offering for the VCE(tm) Vblock(R) Systems App for Splunk please contact our partner Crest Data Systems Customers at  Customers, developers, and other users of this solution are also encouraged to submit questions and feedback below.