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TSO Logic

It’s a simple idea: when demand on your data center is lower, your energy use should also be lower. TSO Logic’s lightweight software solution is helping companies reduce their server power usage, while providing them with never before seen insights into things like application workload and IT efficiency levels. It’s called Application-Aware Power Management and it all happens from a single server, with no impact on performance, no additional hardware, and no costly changes to your infrastructure.

  • Gain a whole new understanding of your data center, with application-level metrics that will help you plan and upgrade smarter
  • Save up to 50% on your server power bill and shrink your carbon emissions
  • It works seamlessly and invisibly, with no impact on your users, your workflow, or your operations

Email: info@tsologic.com
Phone Number: 001-604-424-4150

Visit: http://www.tsologic.com


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