Secure, efficient, and cost-effective - with powerful data protection.

New business realities and increasing demands on the management and delivery of information are transforming the way IT is developed and delivered within business organizations. Today's businesses expect instant access to data and applications, higher levels of collaboration, and continuous improvements in productivity. At the same time, consumers are equally demanding in terms of expecting a robust multimedia experience that protects personal information and spans multiple devices.

As IaaS continues to become a critical element in ongoing operational success for many enterprise organizations, the role of the service provider is increasing dramatically. However, similar to enterprise organizations, service providers face more intense challenges to develop, deploy, maintain, and scale solutions that serve a multitude of customers in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Vblock® Systems provide a single, common suite of infrastructure that enables service providers to cut costs, decrease time to market, optimize resources, and deliver a secure, virtual experience across the entire service provider portfolio. It delivers a pre-engineered, pretested, and fully documented approach, allowing for a tremendous improvement in the time and expense to bring an IaaS offering to market.

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