Dell EMC Solutions for Public Sector

Public sector organizations are experiencing increased demand for new IT services, enhanced device access and 24/7 reliability, while dealing with dynamic budget constraints and increased oversight. As a result, stakeholders are under pressure to make difficult choices to maximize budget effectiveness by getting more for every dollar.

Dell EMC understands the challenges facing today's public sector organizations. That's why we engineer, manufacture, manage and support our converged infrastructure solutions as one. And that translates to unmatched value and reliability for mission-critical IT services.

Our unified approach to total IT systems infrastructure frees internal IT to innovate and provide better service. We factory-build our converged infrastructure systems and validate to our customers' specific application and workload requirements, delivering a true converged solution. We also leverage unified management, service profile templates and custom automation to increase value and drive agility. And we do it fast, installing and testing our systems in as little as 45 days.

A recent IDC study found that Dell EMC customers achieved a 96% reduction in downtime with 36% reduction in total cost of ownership. IDC also reported an overall 38% improvement in application performance, 4.6x more applications brought to market. Dell EMC has also been recognized by research firm Gartner as a leading converged infrastructure vendor for multiple consecutive years.

With the power of Dell EMC converged infrastructure solutions, your public sector organization is enabled to pivot from costly, rigid IT models to a new paradigm of simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. The Dell EMC Experience helps to not only simplify infrastructure in the short term, but also address system health, security, and compliance posturing to aid in staying ahead of the curve and meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Are you ready for the next generation of IT infrastructure? Contact Dell EMC today to see what the world's most advanced converged solutions can do for your organization.

2015 IDC Business Value Whitepaper