Dell EMC Solutions for Oil and Gas

Dell EMC understands that Oil and Gas companies must innovate, make agile decisions and adopt new technologies to stay competitive and tackle the next generation of Big Data-powered analytics and operations. The Oil and Gas sector chooses Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems to achieve unmatched scale, highly-predictable performance, and maximum reliability for mission-critical applications and resources.

For Oil and Gas companies, we have pioneered a better way to meet even the most demanding systems requirements. Dell EMC engineers, manufactures, manages, supports, and sustains market-leading converged infrastructure solutions as one, eliminating variables from the deployment process and dramatically increasing reliability and value.

With the simplified power of Dell EMC converged infrastructure, energy companies are able to tackle the challenges of today- SAP, application migration and virtualization projects, and data protection initiatives. Standardizing on Dell EMC converged infrastructure also allows your firm to pivot to a new model of innovation and address tomorrow’s business opportunities, including Big data analytics and Hadoop data warehousing.

A recent IDC study found that our customers enjoyed a 96% reduction in downtime overall, with 36% reduced costs over traditional systems. We validate our systems with leading software vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to ensure downtime free performance. And we do it fast, installing and testing our systems in as little as 45 days. And for the most demanding applications sets, we even offer our Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications to ensure “always on" end user computing/VDI service availability.

This unified approach to total IT systems infrastructure frees internal resources to focus on productivity rather than maintenance. Our enhanced management, template capabilities and custom automation technology enables our customers to increase value and drive agility from day one. And the results are huge: 338% more time spent on business enablement, 4.6x more applications delivered per year and a 38% improvement in overall performance according to the IDC.

Are you ready for the next generation of IT infrastructure? Contact Dell EMC today to see what the world's most advanced converged solutions can do for your enterprise organization.

IDC Faster Business Outcomes with VCE Converged Solutions