Dell EMC Solutions for Manufacturing

In the modern manufacturing space, staying agile is the key to remaining competitive. The status quo of inflexible IT platforms and siloes of resources are obstacles to growth, expansion, and efficiency. From integrating commodity equipment to hunting for specialty engineers or suffering from service interruptions, you need a change in how your IT infrastructure is deployed, supported, and maintained over the long haul.

At Dell EMC, we’ve produced a better way to tackle manufacturing IT projects. Our engineered converged infrastructure solutions are fast, responsive, and reliable, giving our customers the stability required to adopt agile business practices without jeopardizing essential day-to-day operations.

Dell EMC understands how critically important manufacturing information systems are to your success. Whether you're reacting to changing business conditions or implementing new applications, one fact remains: the ERP systems the power your manufacturing operations have uniquely complex requirements and you can’t afford for them to fail.

Our next-generation data center portfolio, including Vblock® Systems converged infrastructure and VxRack™ hyper-converged systems, are primed to take on your most challenging mission-critical manufacturing projects. Our implementation methodology, close relationship with leading vendors, and extraordinary rapport with our clients make us unique in the manufacturing space. Our results are so dramatic that a recent IDC study shows that our solutions reduce downtime by 96-percent.

Contact us today to learn how Dell EMC converged solutions can empower your manufacturing business to take on tomorrow’s challenges today.

2015 IDC Business Value Whitepaper