VCE Solutions for Epic Environments

Deploying an Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) is often the largest single investment a healthcare organization will make from an IT perspective. The EHR business decision process brings an opportunity to transform IT, beginning with an optimized EHR infrastructure that provides the high performance and availability required by today’s mission critical applications.

It is equally important that the IT infrastructure supporting Epic and associated environment supports requirements to achieve meaningful use of technology and to help deliver increasingly patient-centric, outcome-based health and wellness services to the communities served at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

VCE Solutions for Epic:

  • Have been tested and validated by Epic.
  • Meet the specifications of a “Target Platform” as defined by Epic.
  • Are deployed rapidly and effortlessly compared to competitor offerings.
  • Provide maximum availability of Epic applications and data.
  • Are highly standardized, thoroughly documented, and secure.
  • Include management hardware and software that integrates seamlessly with standard enterprise management and monitoring tools and technology.
  • Offer a suite of options for data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity options that are fully supported by Epic, EMC, and VMware.
  • Can be leveraged for Epic EHR environment, as well as other critical applications that support the continuum of care.
  • Include premium hardware and management software support and maintenance as required by Epic.
  • Eliminate or simplify many customer burdens for system lifecycle tasks, such as design, procurement, deployment, monitoring, security hardening, documentation, maintenance, patching, and more.
  • Enable customers to quickly roll out new applications.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Allow customer to focus on integration, customization, testing, training, and improved patient care efforts as opposed to managing infrastructure.

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