Vblock™ Solutions for Health Care IT

From HIPAA Contingency Plans to “meaningful use” and from “evidence-based medicine” to optimizing reimbursements, health care institutions increasingly rely on Health Care IT to manage initiatives aimed at compliance, quality of care, and cost containment.

Addressing those initiatives taxes legacy IT systems and highlights data center space and energy constraints. The nearly 70% per-year growth in online patient information means that cost-effective backup and HA/DR solutions are critical aspects of patient care. In many cases, a comprehensive data center transformation is needed.

All of these challenges must be addressed—despite space, budget, and staffing constraints—while maintaining an uninterrupted and highly productive environment for clinical and business applications.

On top of these broader challenges, there are numerous practical, day-to-day concerns organizations must face, such as managing disparate hardware vendors, low server utilization, bandwidth constraints, unreliable data protection, and an inability to quickly roll out new applications.

Vblock™ Systems enable Health Care IT to transform operations and more efficiently and cost-effectively support critical initiatives. The converged infrastructure simplifies deployment so that IT can quickly stand up and provision new applications to meet aggressive project timetables. The highly optimized Vblock Systems design minimizes data center space, maximizes energy efficiency, and simplifies IT operations to provide ongoing cost savings.

Vblock Systems are ideal as standardized data center converged infrastructure systems for mission-critical health care applications such as EHR and other clinical or ancillary applications. Customers planning to migrate to a new EHR platform or planning to refresh an existing EHR infrastructure are looking to simplify and streamline the migration process. Additionally, customers planning to move from Unix (AIX, Solaris or HPUX) to x86 Linux infrastructure are additional projects to reduce cost. Vblock Systems for health care delivers integrated and tested solutions for leading EHR products. VCE performs customized EHR solution sizing with best practice assurance. Vblock Systems are manufactured, installed, and tested within 45-60 days (fastest in the industry!). Vblock solutions for Health Care include the highest performance, availability, and security of health applications and patient data. Specialized Health Care Solutions including Vblock™ Specialized System for Extreme Applications for customers requiring “Always On” end user computing/VDI point of care solutions.

Performance at Scale

Vblock Systems scale to meet the growing needs of Health Care IT. Each system is built based on client workload characteristics. VCE engineers design the physical and logical build that will yield the needed scale and performance characteristics for each application to perform optimally in a production environment.

Continuous Availability

VCE has integrated data protection technologies to ensure access to patient information and critical business data.

As clinical information moves increasingly into the digital realm, quality of care depends on continuous availability and anywhere access to data. VCE in conjunction with VMware delivers the AlwaysOn Point of Care solution to address this need.

In addition, high availability is built-in, using technologies such as data caching, network QoS, and a self-curing architecture to meet spikes in network traffic and other unpredictable events.

With optimized performance, robust security, and reliable data protection to address privacy and compliance requirements, Vblock Systems support a range of solutions for Health Care IT.

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