Vblock Solutions for Financial Services

Financial Services firms often compete on the quality of the customer experience. From on-line banking to managing credit card rewards, customers expect 24/7 availability, privacy protection, and ease of use. This puts pressure on IT staff and the IT infrastructure. 

Vblock™ Systems address these challenges by offloading IT staff of time consuming integration, provisioning, and maintenance tasks while delivering an infrastructure that is designed for enterprise applications. Tightly integrated data protection solutions ensure information access and minimize storage footprint for more cost effective data archiving. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is gaining ground in the industry as a way to secure confidential information while making it accessible on mobile devices. VCE enables IT to accelerate VDI deployments and quickly provision and reclaim desktop resources. 

From desktop management to data center transformation, VCE and its extensive network of partners can be trusted to speed time to value and help lower IT costs. 

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