Vblock Solutions for Education

From the smallest school districts to the largest universities, efficient IT solutions support more collaborative workflows, provide continuous access to data and applications, and create an accelerated educational environment with a prime student/faculty experience. Vblock™ Systems deliver an optimum infrastructure for improving IT service delivery while containing costs in educational atmospheres.

Vblock Systems support a vast array of applications to simplify data center architecture and lower operating costs. With Virtual Data Infrastructure (VDI), IT can centrally manage desktops to enhance security and create a consistent user experience. And with an integrated set of data protection solutions, Vblock Systems ensure the seamless back up of information, as well as the continuous operations of critical applications.

VCE and Vblock Systems are accelerating cloud adoption and supporting educational innovation.


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  • MCCB Customer Video Customer Story

    See how MCCB uses Vblock Systems to provide services to faculty and students across 15 community colleges across the state of Mississippi.

  • University of San Diego
    Customer Video
    Customer Story

    The University of San Diego uses Vblock™ Systems to reduce costs, be more efficient, and accelerate the deployment of leading edge technology.

  • Castilla-La Mancha
    Customer Video
    Customer Story

    See how Castilla-La Mancha utilized an enterprise-class private cloud model to improve IT efficiency under a unified computing system.



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