Organizations are implementing application and desktop delivery solutions (including VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure) to empower people to work from anywhere. These solutions typically enhance security and data protection and facilitate compliance with privacy regulations such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the European Union Privacy Regulations.

With these solutions, IT can centrally manage client desktops and application delivery to:

  • Reduce costs and complexity through centralized provisioning and management
  • Increase security by separating company and personal desktops and centrally controlling sensitive data
  • Create consistent user experiences by deploying a uniform high-performance architecture

Vblock Systems provide an enterprise-class IT infrastructure for desktop and application virtualization solutions, ensuring the response times, security, availability, and agility IT requires. Factory-integrated systems backed by VCE services accelerate deployment and provide performance at scale for the most demanding applications.

VCE solutions simplify purchase, streamline provisioning and decommissioning, and lower deployment risk.

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Desktop and App Virtualization
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