Elastic, rapid provisioning, and lower TCO – Converged Infrastructure accelerates Application Development.

Organizations may virtualize the DevOps environment to support several scenarios:

  • Agile or lean development process
  • Introducing new business initiatives requiring IT support
  • Complex product touching many systems
  • Geographically distributed development staff
  • Replacing outdated test beds to support an expanding virtual infrastructure
  • Maintaining oversight of public cloud development
  • Leveraging mixed workload economies of scale as part of a data center consolidation

Vblock® Systems are ideally suited to DevOps environments. Strict design control enables Vblock Systems to meet specific performance and availability levels while maintaining a balanced, optimized, and easily managed converged infrastructure. Unified provisioning of compute, network, and storage resources enables IT to rapidly build out development and testing capacity. Vblock System storage technologies enable DevOps to use actual production data in test environments. The Vblock System’s multi-tenancy capabilities enable IT to segment areas and build tiered service profiles based on business needs. Together these capabilities support an agile and efficient AppDev process.