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VCE Technology Services provide customers with access to experts in all elements of Vblock™ Systems to help them prepare, deploy and implement solutions to take maximum advantage of the infrastructure, accelerate the return on their technology investment, and minimize risk during the transition.

Learn more about how VCE can support business success through:

  • Pre-implementation: Advisory, Deployment and Implementation Services
  • Post-implementation: Migration, Hardware Expansion, Software Upgrade and Residency Services

VCE Cloud Deployment and Implementation Service

The VCE Cloud Deployment and Implementation Service provides access to experts in all elements of cloud and ITaaS to help organizations deploy cloud solutions that take maximum advantage of the infrastructure while also implementing new processes and transitioning from legacy systems.

VCE Cloud Accelerator Services

VCE Cloud Accelerator Services address the core Plan, Build, and Enable steps on the cloud journey to speed time-to-value. Flexible delivery approaches include service “blueprints” — VCE’s growing set of proven, tested architectures, delivered on a Vblock System directly from the VCE factory. As part of the services, VCE also can provide customized architectures or can integrate other VCE, customer-developed, and industry solutions to extend the value of Vblock Systems.

Vblock Systems Enablement: Discovery And Analysis Service

The Vblock Systems Enablement: Discovery and Analysis Service is the first step in tailoring a Vblock System configuration for optimally running specific workloads. The service includes running monitoring tools to confirm workload support and documenting specific workload operating and configuration requirements.

Vblock Systems Enablement: Architecture And Activation Service

The Vblock Systems Enablement: Architecture and Activation Service takes workload requirements gathered either in the Discovery and Analysis Service, or other sources such as a CMDB, and converts this information into Vblock System configuration guidance. The service addresses architecture issues internal to the Vblock System and specifies how the system will integrate with external data center services such as backup, monitoring, and LDAP.

VCE Site Readiness Assessment Service

The Site Readiness Assessment Service verifies that all required Layer 1 physical infrastructure items are in place, properly installed, and correctly configured to ensure a smooth, efficient, and successful deployment and operation of Vblock Systems.

VCE Deployment And Implementation Service

The Deployment and Implementation Service provides collaborative planning, design, and on-site deployment and implementation services for Vblock Systems in the customer’s data center. Best practices and proven processes help to ensure non-disruptive integration of Vblock Systems into the customer’s environment. This service also includes a one-day interactive knowledge transfer session to maximize the time and investment of the customer’s resources.

VCE Production Readiness Service

The Production Readiness Service enables the customer to quickly and transparently integrate the converged infrastructure platforms into new or existing data center environments. Expert design, installation, and integration services deliver rapid return on investment and reduce the risk associated with introducing new technology into IT infrastructure.

The service includes the VCE Deployment and Implementation Service and provides additional project management and implementation support to accelerate the customer’s ROI. Also included are virtualization layer design development and implementation, run-book, and operational guide development, and the provision of an on-site resident who accelerates migration of workloads to the new infrastructure.

VCE Extended Knowledge Transfer Service

The Extended Knowledge Transfer Service expands on the knowledge transfer portion of the VCE Deployment and Implementation Service. VCE consultants will guide the customer through detailed dialogue and interactive sessions focused on design, hardware, software, and VCE best practices. Subjects that can be covered include: Vblock Systems operations fundamentals, Cisco UCS, VMware virtualization, EMC storage and/or UIM, and Vblock Systems networking.

VCE Workload Migration Service

The Workload Migration Service rapidly migrates physical and virtual servers to Vblock Systems. This service provides multiple tiers of Physical to Virtual (P2V) and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migration and validation services to accommodate workload-specific customer requirements.

VCE Software Upgrade Service

The Software Upgrade Service provides customers the option to order software update services for their for Vblock System components to maintain the current supported levels. The service includes the assessment, planning, and execution of upgrade activities to ensure that the implementation effort and risk to the customer systems are minimized.

VCE Installation Service for Oracle RAC

The service installs a sample Oracle relational database management system and supporting grid infrastructure onto a Vblock™ Specialized Systems for High Performance Databases. Expert assessment, planning, and installation by VCE help customers minimize effort and risk.

VCE Vision Installation Service

VCE Vision Installation Service provides expert installation of VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations software on a Vblock System. The service helps customers reduce implementation risk, lower ongoing costs and deployment time, and more quickly take advantage of valuable VCE Vision™ software capabilities to monitor and manage a Vblock System.

VCE Vision Connector Integration Services

VCE Vision Connector Integration Services integrate system management toolsets with VCE Vision Intelligent Operations through specialized, predefined connectors to give you rapid visibility of Vblock Systems. Services are available for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and ServiceNow.

VCE Installation Service for VMware vCenter Operations Manager

VCE Installation Service for VMware vCenter Operations Manager provides expert installation of VMware vCenter Operations Manager on a Vblock System to minimize implementation effort and risk for customers. The service enables IT organizations to quickly benefit from vCenter Operations Manager's operations dashboards, performance analytics, and capacity optimization capabilities.

VCE Standard Hardware Expansion Services

Standard Hardware Expansion Services provide turnkey solutions for expanding existing capacity of Vblock Systems. Services include assessment, planning, and execution of hardware upgrades to help customers reduce the cost and effort required when they evaluate expansion needs in-house.

Vblock Systems Enablement: Population Service

The Vblock Systems Enablement: Population Service implements a robust migration methodology to ensure the success of workload migrations to Vblock Systems. The service includes both migration planning, and execution to minimize disruption to business applications and operational processes during the initiative.

VCE VDI Planning and Design Service

VCE VDI Planning and Design Service provides expert-led, collaborative planning and design workshops to enable the creation of an optimized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VMware Horizon View software or Citrix XenDesktop with XenApp software. The service creates a virtualization transformation strategy aligned with the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings associated with Vblock Systems.

VCE VDI Integration Service for VMware Horizon View

Provides collaborative planning, design verification and integration services to build the VMware Horizon View infrastructure onto a qualified Vblock System and integrate the Vblock System with the data center environment. Backed by program management support, the service helps VCE customers quickly attain a productive, reliable VDI environment and maximize the return on their investment.

VCE VDI Accelerator Service

The VCE VDI Accelerator Service delivers assessment, planning, and design services for Vblock Systems to help customers jump-start their desktop virtualization deployment and quickly implement a desktop virtualization pilot. This VCE-validated service delivers specialized toolsets, experienced consultants, and a well-defined service offering on an accelerated timeline.

VCE RISC/UNIX Migration And Services

RISC/UNIX Migration Services validate the Vblock System-based application architecture in a production environment. The services use proven processes for migrating RISC/UNIX environments with in-depth analysis tools, robust planning, and implementation to accelerate return on investment. They also help lower risk by confirming the technical feasibility of running RISC applications on Vblock Systems.

VCE Deployment Services for Vblock Data Protection

VCE™ Deployment Services for Vblock® Data Protection provide rapid, reliable installation and configuration of these Vblock Data Protection systems. Our unique combination of factory, remotely delivered, and on-site services help you significantly accelerate time to value.

VCE Workload Performance Assessment Service

The VCE Workload Performance Assessment Service analyzes virtual environment performance data and system constraints on Vblock Systems over time. Customers receive a detailed report with recommendations on the most efficient resource utilization and workload performance mix.


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