Technology Services

VCE Technology Services provide customers with access to experts in all elements of VCE systems to help them prepare, deploy and implement solutions to take maximum advantage of the infrastructure, accelerate the return on their technology investment, and minimize risk during the IT transformation.

Learn more about how VCE can support business success through:

  • Deployment and Implementation
  • Post-implementation: Migration, Hardware Expansion, and Software Upgrade Services

Implementation Services

VCE Site Readiness Assessment Service

The Site Readiness Assessment Service verifies that all required Layer 1 physical infrastructure items are in place, properly installed, and correctly VCE systems.

VCE Deployment and Implementation Services

VCE Deployment and Implementation Services provide factory-based logical configuration, collaborative planning and design, and on-site deployment for VCE systems. Best practices and proven processes help to ensure non-disruptive, rapid integration of the systems into your environment.

Post-Implementation Services

VCE Onboarding Service

VCE Onboarding Service provides your IT team with proven best practices and hands-on experience in converged infrastructure (CI) operations management. The onboarding is led by a VCE Technical Consultant at your site immediately after system deployment. It enables you to quickly optimize performance of your Vblock System, maximize return on your VCE investment, and ensure an ongoing superior experience with VCE CI.

VCE Workload Migration Service

The Workload Migration Service rapidly migrates physical and virtual servers to VCE systems This service provides multiple tiers of Physical to Virtual (P2V) and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migration and validation services to accommodate workload-specific customer requirements.

VCE Software Upgrade Service

The Software Upgrade Service provides you the option to order software update services for your VCE system components to maintain the current supported levels. The service includes the assessment, planning, and execution of upgrade activities to minimize implementation effort and risk.

VCE Vision Installation Service

VCE Vision Installation Service provides rapid, expert installation or upgrade of VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations software on a VCE system. You can then quickly take advantage of VCE Vision™ software capabilities that make it easier to keep your data centers healthy, stable and optimized, and secure.

VCE Vision Connector Integration Services

VCE Vision Connector Integration Services integrate system management toolsets with VCE Vision Intelligent Operations through specialized, predefined connectors to give you rapid visibility of VCE systems. Services are available for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and ServiceNow.

VCE Standard Hardware Expansion Services

Standard Hardware Expansion Services provide turnkey solutions for expanding existing capacity of VCE systems. Services include assessment, planning, and execution of hardware upgrades to help you reduce the cost and effort of performing expansions in-house.

VCE Workload Performance Assessment Service

The VCE Workload Performance Assessment Service analyzes virtual environment performance data and system constraints on VCE systems over time. You receive a detailed report with recommendations on the most efficient resource utilization and workload performance mix.

VCE Vscale™ Fabric Installation and Configuration Services

VCE installs and configures the Vscale Fabric. extending lifecycle assurance across the architecture and delivering unmatched application agility. Services include installing spine and leaf hardware and/or software, connecting VCE systems to the Vscale Fabric, testing and validation, and transitioning to VCE Support. Learn more about our Vscale Services portfolio.

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