Advisory Services

Transforming an organization’s technology infrastructure to gain the benefits of cloud computing requires careful investigation, consideration, and analysis, and an inside-out and forward-looking approach. It is critical to identify the strategic impact on the organization’s existing business and operational processes as well as on the technology infrastructure. VCE Advisory Services can assist in aligning an organization’s cloud and enterprise business strategy, prioritize the organization’s list of IT goals for its cloud environment, and highlight the anticipated cloud computing benefits to the organization.

VCE Cloud Workshop

The VCE Cloud Workshop introduces organizations to key technical and business concepts. Interactive sessions with VCE experts help accelerate understanding, promote consensus and alignment among technical and business stakeholders, and set realistic up-front expectations for the journey.

VCE Cloud Strategy Service

The VCE Cloud Computing Strategy Service helps organizations define and document their “path to cloud,” outline their IT strategy, and more effectively communicate the business value of these changes to gain executive support and sponsorship.

VCE Cloud Planning and Design Service

The VCE Cloud Planning and Design Service provides expert planning and design for technical, organizational, and IT processes; cloud service-oriented architecture; and management and orchestration solutions.

VCE Desktop Virtualization Strategy Service

The Desktop Virtualization Strategy Service helps develop a comprehensive business case and solution strategy, an operational readiness assessment, and a mobility services readiness assessment.

VCE Desktop Virtualization Planning and Design Service

The Desktop Virtualization Planning and Design Service helps design and implement a reliable desktop virtualization infrastructure that fits IT strategy and user requirements.

VCE Backup, Recovery and Archive Assessment Service

The Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA) Assessment Service evaluates the backup, recovery, and archive capabilities of a customer's data center. The assessment identifies gaps, recommends a corresponding strategy, and develops a business case to move the organization to a future state with known service levels and predictable costs.

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