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For many businesses, web application development is a key driver of competitive advantage and success in today's marketplace. This applies not only to development of customer-facing web applications and services, but also to development of internal web-based applications for workforce productivity and business process optimization.

Accordingly, a critical function of today's enterprise IT departments is to provide the Dev team with responsive web application development services—the provisioning of compute, storage, and networking resources to support application development, testing, and production. Too often, however, traditional IT infrastructure and operations are a drag on developers' ability to quickly build and deploy new applications.

If your organization is in this predicament, an IT transformation may be necessary to accelerate web application development services delivery and strengthen your competitive footing.

Accelerate Your Web Application Development Services with Vblock Systems

VCE Vblock™ Systems pre-integrate Cisco compute and networking components, EMC storage systems, and VMware virtualization software into consolidated infrastructure stacks ready-made for implementation of IT-as-a-Service. The market-leading converged infrastructure solutions for virtualization and cloud computing, Vblock Systems are ideally suited to organizations transitioning to a DevOps model of agile web application development services.

With Vblock Systems in your data center, your organization can:
  • Implement a self-service development environment.
  • Empower developers to instantiate new development and testing platforms in minutes rather than months.
  • Use a standardized infrastructure for development, staging, and production so that application performance is consistent throughout the application lifecycle.
  • Get to market faster with new products and services.

Why Converged Infrastructure for Web Application Development Services?

Converged infrastructure systems from VCE enable you to:
  • Complete your IT transformation faster. A Vblock System built to your needs can be up and running in your data center in as little as 45 days from initial order.
  • Reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with re-making your data center. Each Vblock Systems is pre-tested in the factory to ensure seamless interoperability among its components and to verify that the system meets or exceeds your performance requirements.
  • Get unified technical support from VCE for the entire infrastructure stack: compute, storage, networking, and virtualization. No more dealing with multiple vendors' support desks to try to get someone to take responsibility.
  • Lower TCO through reduced footprint and energy consumption as well as simplified system administration.

VCE also offers expert professional services in support of cloud enablement and cloud optimization, as well as support for specific Vblock Systems use cases such as SAP migration or SAP solutions development, or deployment of vertical applications such as healthcare IT solutions.

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