VMware Virtualization

VMware is the most recognizable name in virtualization and cloud computing. The company's first solution, VMware Workstation, emerged in the late 1990s, and the first server products capable of managing multiple virtual guests, VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server, followed shortly thereafter in 2001. These VMware virtualization products are widely known in software development circles because they had obvious and immediate benefits to early adopters, allowing them to create customized development and test environments on the fly.

The VMware virtualization product portfolio is comprehensive, including both type 1 (hosted) hypervisors and type 2 (non-hosted) hypervisors:

  • Type 1 hypervisors run directly on the host hardware.
  • Type 2 hypervisors run at a level above the host with guest machines running on a third level – two levels above the host itself.

VMware Virtualization in Cloud Environments

VMware virtualization is a featured element in Vblock™ Systems converged cloud infrastructure solutions from VCE. Vblock Systems provide businesses and public organizations with a fast, certain path to cloud computing and virtualization. The world's most advanced converged infrastructure, Vblock Systems are a complete, ready-made solution for the server virtualization and storage virtualization that are the key enablers of cloud computing services.

Together with VMware virtualization technology, Vblock Systems feature pre-integrated EMC storage and Cisco compute and networking components, with VCE providing technical support and professional services for the entire cloud infrastructure stack.

VMware Virtualization in Desktop Computing Environments

VMware virtualization has roots in server virtualization, but now also demonstrates its value in end user computing. With the Vblock Desktop Virtualization System, users' desktop applications, configurations, and data are centrally stored on virtual servers. Users access their "virtual desktop" on demand from a workstation or other approved device.

The Vblock Desktop Virtualization System can support up to 5000 users per instance. With the varying needs of individual organizations, VCE offers clients a choice of three bundles that all deliver scalability, performance, security, and high availability.

VCE customers can count on the following benefits of desktop virtualization solutions:
  • ROI based on savings on hardware, energy, and IT personnel expenses.
  • A reliable access management strategy, given that IT and security policies are more easily enforceable in the VMware virtualization environment. This central control makes it simpler to protect intellection property and other sensitive data.
  • Less demand on IT personnel, who can automate system and application provisioning as well as platform and application updates.

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