If you've been looking into modernizing your data center, you've probably heard the name Vblock. That's because Vblock™ Systems are the simplest, fastest, and most dependable way to transform your data center infrastructure to a fully virtualized cloud platform that lets you deliver agile, efficient, highly available IT services to your business users.

What are Vblock Systems?

Vblock Systems are a family of converged infrastructure platforms from VCE, the virtualized computing environment company formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel. With pre-integrated Cisco blade servers and networking, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization, Vblock Systems are purpose-built to support enterprise cloud computing and delivery of IT-as-a-Service.

Vblock Systems are true converged infrastructure. As a complete compute, storage, network, and virtualization stack, each Vblock System is engineered, manufactured, and tested as an integrated unit; delivered to your data center and brought online as an integrated unit; and operated and administered as an integrated unit. This converged engineering continues throughout the platform's lifecycle, as patches and upgrades are pre-tested by VCE to ensure seamless interoperability across the stack.

Vblock Systems are available in a range of footprints, from the Vblock™ System 100 that's ideal for regional offices or mid-sized businesses, up to the Vblock™ System 700 that can reliably run thousands of virtual machines or vast VDI environments. There are also Vblock Systems with optimized support for specific enterprise applications, such as SAP solutions that can include professional services support for your SAP migration from legacy infrastructure to the Vblock Systems platform.

How Can Vblock Systems Benefit Your Data Center and Your Business?

Vblock Systems have earned the largest market share for converged infrastructure because they deliver immediate and enduring benefits to the service providers and enterprises that use the systems:

  • Faster completion of IT modernization projects, with less uncertainty and risk.
  • Bottom-to-top support for cloud computing and managed IT services delivery, including native support for server and storage virtualization, secure multi-tenancy, and service automation.
  • Simplified stack management and operations, freeing IT staff to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.
  • Cost savings following from footprint consolidation, higher utilization rates for physical resources, and reduced management time.
  • Unified, accountable technical support and professional services for the entire infrastructure stack from VCE. Whether your issues are regarding servers, storage, networking, or virtualization, the buck stops with VCE.

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