Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the practice of using virtualization software on a physical server to create guests, or virtual machines, that can run different operating systems than the host itself. On a single host, multiple guests can run any combination of server platforms. With server virtualization software, guests are created rapidly using built-in provisioning and snapshot tools.

Server virtualization enables organizations to more fully utilize their physical infrastructure, while also supporting key IT objectives like high service availability and agility.

Server Virtualization Use Cases

Server virtualization supports a wide variety of horizontal applications, including end user computing services that store users' applications, profiles, and data on central server clusters and enable users to access their "virtual desktop" through a variety of devices. This type of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) centralizes and simplifies the IT team's tasks of provisioning, maintaining, updating, and securing user applications.

Server virtualization also supports a wide array of vertical solutions, such as in the healthcare industry.

Server virtualization is ideal for healthcare IT solutions for many reasons:
  • Healthcare workers require real-time access to patient data across large networks. Server virtualization can help ensure high system availability and reliable application performance.
  • Healthcare applications and services often change in response to market forces or regulatory mandates. Virtualization and cloud computing deliver the agility that healthcare IT staffs need to adjust to shifting demands.
  • Providers, billing specialists, and other agents are using technology to record patient data on devices that are physically accessible to non-authorized individuals. These workers are sometimes required to tend to urgent human matters, which can result in a temporarily abandoned device. By supporting the delivery of end user computer services, server virtualization and VDI ensure that the data remains on a secure server, and not on portable devices that can be lost or stolen.

Server Virtualization with VCE Solutions

VCE builds, delivers, and supports converged infrastructure systems that integrate market-leading VMware virtualization software with EMC storage systems and Cisco servers and networking components. VCE Vblock™ Systems are suitable for small or large organizations at any stage of IT maturity – from those who are just beginning to test the waters of server virtualization to others with a more advanced IT strategy and developed cloud infrastructure.

With a range of pre-packaged solutions to meet the strategic objectives of each individual organization, single-call support, and best-in-class infrastructure components, VCE can meet the specialized needs of industries including:

  • Education
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Service Providers

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