SAP Migration

If your IT group wants to run SAP applications more cost-effectively, with simpler administration and greater responsiveness to business needs than your current infrastructure allows, it's time to consider your options for SAP migration. By migrating your SAP landscape to a Vblock™ Systems virtualized computing environment, you can develop efficient, agile, scalable SAP services and help your enterprise get a better return on its SAP investment. SAP migration to Vblock Systems infrastructure is also faster and simpler than other SAP migration options, with less risk.

SAP Migration to VCE's Vblock Systems: Benefits for IT and the Enterprise

Vblock Systems are a family of data center transforming converged infrastructure solutions from VCE, a joint venture of EMC and Cisco. With pre-integrated compute, network, storage, and virtualization components from Cisco, EMC, and VMware, Vblock Systems provide a ready-made virtualized computing environment ideal for running enterprise applications like SAP, Exchange, or Sharepoint.

For enterprises or public organizations considering a SAP migration, Vblock Systems offer benefits including:

  • Simplified SAP platform administration. By providing for unified management of physical and virtualized compute, networking, and storage resources, Vblock Systems make SAP platform administration easier and less time-consuming.
  • Reduced costs of SAP ownership. A SAP migration to a Vblock Systems virtualized environment will lower your total cost of SAP ownership by boosting hardware utilization rates and shrinking your SAP infrastructure footprint, as well as by reducing system administration time and expense.
  • Integrated SAP data protection. Vblock Systems are available with integrated EMC solutions for operational backup and recovery as well as remote backup and recovery to ensure business continuity.
  • SAP service agility. With a highly virtualized, highly automated Vblock Systems environment underlying your SAP landscape, your IT group can quickly launch new SAP solutions or migrate SAP workloads in response to business demands.

Vblock Systems virtualized infrastructures provide a consolidated, dynamic platform for enterprise applications like SAP and SAP HANA, as well as for a wide range of vertical applications like healthcare IT solutions or multi-tenant web application development services.

SAP Migration Made Simpler and More Certain

By choosing a converged IT infrastructure solution like Vblock Systems as your new SAP platform, your IT team can sharply reduce the complexities, the time, and the risks associated with a SAP migration. Vblock Systems are pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated before reaching your data center floor, ensuring component interoperability and predictable performance of the entire IT infrastructure stack. To further accelerate and secure your SAP migration, VCE Professional Services can help your organization with SAP migration planning and implementation.

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