Managed IT Services

Managed IT services provide proactive management of an organization's IT resources by a third party. There are two primary advantages to using managed IT services:

  • It's an efficient way to add specialized expertise to your IT team—expertise that would otherwise take considerable time and expense to recruit or develop in-house.
  • It allows your in-house staff to focus on core business objectives and strategic initiatives rather than daily IT management tasks.

What Sets VCE's Managed IT Services Apart

Many providers offer managed IT services. Here's what sets managed services from VCE apart from the others:

  • VCE was formed by IT industry leaders EMC and Cisco, with investments from VMware and Intel, to help customers worldwide simplify and accelerate the deployment of data center virtualization and cloud computing. Since our creation in 2009 we've become the acknowledged market leader in converged infrastructure systems.
  • Our managed IT services are focused on virtualization and cloud computing. That's where we have deep expertise, and that's where we can offer the most help to your organization.
  • Our managed IT services are part of a complete solution for data center modernization. VCE's managed data center services are exclusively available to customers who have purchased Vblock™ Systems, our converged infrastructure stacks that integrate Cisco servers and networking, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization. The combination of Vblock Systems with managed network infrastructure services from VCE is the fastest and surest way to transform your data center and start reaping the benefits of cloud computing.

Managed IT Services Available from VCE

VCE offers Vblock Systems customers the following ITIL-based, 24x7, remote managed IT services:
  • VCE Cloud Enablement Services. These managed services help customers quickly and successfully launch private or hybrid cloud solutions.
  • VCE Cloud Optimization Services. These managed services provide for ongoing optimization of cloud solutions, helping to drive cloud service adoption within the organization and maximize return on cloud investment.
  • VCE Desktop Virtualization Optimization Services. These managed services help customers to monitor, measure, and optimize utilization of Vblock Systems-based virtual desktop solutions.

Along with managed IT services, VCE provides our customers unified technical support for the entire Vblock infrastructure stack as well as professional services that can help you get the most value out of Vblock Systems for varied use cases such as enterprise SAP deployments or platform support for web application development services. We can also advise you on using Vblock integrated data backup and recovery solutions in support of an IT disaster recovery plan.

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