IT Transformation

Technological changes fuel IT transformation. So does demand when consumers embrace technologies that are convenient and easy to use. An example is the stellar growth of mobile devices. In 2013, Statista reported an estimated 4.3 billion mobile users worldwide, and that number is expected to grow to 5.1 billion by in 2017. Also in 2013, mobile phones accounted for 17% of global web usage.

Rising smartphone and tablet use requires secure, reliable network infrastructure services for cloud computing. Many business are finding that to remain competitive, they must replace their legacy systems with an infrastructure that is adaptable to rapidly changing customer and industry needs. To succeed, they need a plan that will ensure their IT transformation is smooth and effective.

IT Transformation and Consolidation

Data center consolidation and virtualization are at the core of IT transformation. A solid consolidation strategy means that the business can respond quickly to changes in technology, regulations, and economic indicators. The best way companies can be ready to respond is to consolidate technologies, processes, facilities, and vendors to improve their abilities to manage their systems and flexibility in their operations.

Consolidation in data center transformation also cuts costs dramatically. Here's how:
  • Reducing the number of physical devices saves space, meaning fewer facilities are needed and less energy required.
  • Consolidating software onto fewer devices lowers maintenance costs and software licensing fees.
  • Virtualization increases flexibility in data centers and reduces routine administrative overhead. New applications can be deployed faster, as can updates. Reassigning tasks to virtual servers, or creating new VMs, is quick and easy compared to provisioning or reconfiguring physical devices.
  • Consolidation and automation reduce costly errors in data center operations and improve the overall quality of data center services.

For best results, the IT transformation strategy must be carefully aligned with the company's mission and goals. A successful IT transformation can shift the data center from being a line item that costs the business money to being a strategic partner that adds value and creates new opportunities.

VCE Can Accelerate Your IT Transformation

When you choose VCE's converged infrastructure solutions for your data center, you can complete your IT transformation more quickly and with greater certainty. With pre-integrated components from market leaders Cisco, EMC, and VMWare, Vblock™ Systems from VCE are the world's most advanced converged infrastructure, purpose-built to enable IT consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Along with providing a compact, pre-integrated, fully virtualized IT stack, Vblock Systems support the Cisco application centric infrastructure framework (Cisco ACI) for data center network management. In the ACI framework, applications guide networking behavior, not the other way around. Watch IT silos dissolve as application managers, network administrators, and security specialists collaborate through a common application centric management framework. It's the ultimate in IT transformation.

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