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In the race for success in today's marketplace, whether a business pulls ahead or falls behind is bound up with the performance of its IT infrastructure. The companies getting ahead now are those that have migrated away from traditional IT infrastructure—rigidly siloed, wasteful, and slow to adapt—to modernized technology platforms that are far more efficient and agile.

IT Infrastructure is Changing for the Better

IT infrastructure has entered a period of profound change. Progressive companies are reaping the rewards of several inter-related forms of IT transformation:

  • Virtualization. By creating a flexible abstraction layer between physical resources and resource-consuming applications, virtualization allows an unprecedented degree of resource utilization efficiency while also supporting instantaneous provisioning and workload mobility.
  • Cloud computing. Building on virtualization, cloud computing adds self-service and usage metering to boost IT infrastructure efficiency and agility even further.
  • Data center consolidation. Capitalizing on virtualization and ever-improving IT component design, data center consolidation enables enterprises to save money and simplify operations by reducing the size and/or number of data centers that they use.

Accelerate Your IT Infrastructure Transformation with VCE

VCE helps businesses and public institutions modernize their IT infrastructure more quickly and with more certain success. Formed by IT infrastructure industry leaders EMC and Cisco, VCE builds and delivers cloud-ready converged infrastructure solutions called Vblock™ Systems.

Vblock Systems are pre-integrated IT infrastructure stacks composed of Cisco server and networking components, EMC storage systems, and VMware virtualization software. Vblock Systems are available in a range of sizes, from Vblock System 100 geared toward mid-sized businesses or branch offices all the way up to Vblock System 700 stacks that run thousands of virtual machines for some of the world's largest corporations.

As pre-integrated, pre-validated converged IT platforms, Vblock Systems enable you to rapidly migrate to a highly virtualized, cloud-ready, consolidated platform for any type of enterprise application, whether it's running mission-critical workforce productivity applications like Exchange or Sharepoint, or implementing agile web application development services on a DevOps model.

For the utmost in IT infrastructure agility, Vblock Systems can be configured to support Cisco ACI. The Cisco ACI (application centric infrastructure) framework allows for network infrastructure services to be completely automated and driven by configurable application profiles.

IT Infrastructure Services from the Virtualization and Cloud Experts

Along with cloud-ready converged IT infrastructure solutions, VCE offers a wide range of IT services including:

  • Unified technical support for the entire Vblock infrastructure stack.
  • Professional services to help accelerate and ensure the success of your IT modernization projects.
  • Remote managed services to assist you with the day-to-day monitoring and administration of your Vblock-based infrastructure and the applications running on it.

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