IT Disaster Recovery Plan

An IT disaster recovery plan is a plan for how an organization will continue providing needed IT services to its employees and customers, with minimal disruption, even if a disaster takes one of the organization's data centers offline. An IT disaster recovery plan is a key element in an overall business continuity plan, which addresses all aspects of how a business will continue to perform essential functions in the event of a disaster.

Reasons for Having an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

There are good reasons why developing an IT disaster recovery plan is a high priority for many businesses:

  • There are a variety of hazards that could potentially disable an entire data center, including natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis as well as man-made threats like sabotage or terrorism.
  • For many businesses, loss of data center services would translate very quickly into loss of revenue and possibly loss of customers.
  • For some businesses, regulatory mandates require that an IT disaster recovery plan be in place. For example, in the healthcare sector the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that organizations that handle sensitive personal healthcare data develop an IT disaster recovery plan to ensure data protection and availability.

Public sector organizations may also have need for an IT disaster recovery plan, especially in the case of agencies that deliver technology-dependent critical services to constituents.

Vblock Systems: The Ideal Technology Foundation for an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Vblock™ Systems from VCE are converged infrastructure systems that pre-integrate best-of-breed compute, storage, network, and virtualization components from Cisco, EMC, and VMware. For organizations modernizing an existing data center or equipping a new one, Vblock Systems provide a complete virtualized IT foundation with unified data center infrastructure management capabilities and unified support from VCE.

Vblock Systems are the ideal technology foundation for organizations developing an IT disaster recovery plan:

  • By using pre-integrated, pre-validated Vblock Systems, organizations can accelerate the establishment of a remote data center or the modernization of an existing local data center.
  • Pre-integration and the exclusive use of components from industry leaders Cisco, EMC, and VMware minimizes the uncertainties and risks involved in creating or implementing an IT disaster recovery plan.
  • Vblock Systems offer customers a variety of pre-integrated solutions for automated backup of data to a remote site, ranging from bandwidth-saving deduplicated daily backups (EMC Avamar) to continuous remote replication for any point-in-time data recovery (EMC RecoverPoint).
  • For the ultimate in business continuity, Vblock with integrated EMC VPLEX lets organizations manage entire infrastructure platforms as virtualized pools of resources, continuously mirror application data across multiple sites within a metro area, and seamlessly re-route all traffic to the live site in the event that one site is struck by a disaster.

For businesses or public organizations seeking enterprise IT solutions with ready-built support for disaster recovery, or for cloud service providers wanting to provide their customers disaster-proof cloud storage security, Vblock Systems converged infrastructure solutions offer a way to achieve your IT goals faster, with fewer complications and less risk.

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