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There are few industries where IT managers and staff face as many pressures as they do in today's healthcare field. To meet the information technology challenges confronting healthcare providers, health insurers, and healthcare clearinghouses, IT teams need a new generation of healthcare IT solutions.

Why New and Better Healthcare IT Solutions are Needed

The need for a new generation of healthcare IT solutions is driven by several challenges confronting today's healthcare IT teams:

  • Rapid change. The far-reaching transition to electronic health records (EHRs) is underway. Healthcare IT infrastructure will need to accommodate a proliferation of applications aimed at generating, maintaining, aggregating, analyzing, and collaborating around EHRs.
  • Big data. Healthcare IT teams are confronting an explosion of data—much of it semi-structured or unstructured, such as EHRs and digital diagnostic images—that needs to be stored and protected.
  • Regulation and more regulation. In the healthcare field, enterprise IT solutions and underlying infrastructure must comply with HIPAA Security Rule mandates regarding data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as the more recent HITECH extensions to HIPAA and the still-uncertain IT ramifications of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Budget crunch. A national drive to control costs in the healthcare sector is pressuring profit margins in the sector and constraining healthcare IT budgets at the same time as the industry has greater IT needs than ever.

Next-Generation Healthcare IT Solutions from VCE

VCE Vblock™ Systems are the world's most complete and advanced converged infrastructure for virtualization and cloud computing. With pre-integrated storage components from EMC, server and networking components from Cisco, and virtualization software from VMware, Vblock Systems are the simplest and fastest way to modernize your data center and solve the biggest IT challenges facing the healthcare sector.

Vblock Systems support a range of healthcare IT solutions including:
  • IT agility. A Vblock System provides you a fully virtualized IT stack, enabling you to quickly provision or reallocate compute, storage, and networking resources in response to shifting business demands. With Vblock Systems converged infrastructure as your foundation, you can rapidly roll-out new applications to boost quality of patient care as well as SAP solutions or other busienss applications.
  • Consolidated storage. The space-saving EMC storage solutions integrated into Vblock Systems allow you to store big data while maintaining a small footprint.
  • Security and compliance. Vblock™ Data Protection and business continuity solutions safeguard sensitive patient and business data while helping your organization stay HIPAA-compliant. Meanwhile, Vblock™ Desktop Virtualization Systems enable your IT team to centrally control sensitive applications and data rather than having them reside on end user devices that can be lost or stolen.
  • Cost containment. Compact, highly virtualized Vblock Systems minimize the floor space and hardware required to support healthcare IT workloads, while unified management systems for the entire stack reduce operational costs. Unified technical support for the entire stack from VCE also saves your IT team time and expense.

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