Enterprise IT Solutions

Today organizations seeking enterprise IT solutions have more choices than ever. While enterprise IT solutions vendors typically work to help organizations choose the most suitable products for their budgets, and business objectives, some also offer a broad range of services, such as technical consulting services and managed IT services.

Choosing an Enterprise IT Solutions Vendor

While many factors influence the vendor selection process, these are some of the most important things to look for when you're choosing an enterprise IT solutions vendor:

  • Offers best-in-class products at competitive prices.
  • Has a reputation for reliability, and is likely to be in business for the life cycle of the products that you purchase.
  • Has the experience, expertise, and services to help you get the most value from the enterprise IT solutions that you choose.

VCE is an industry leader in enterprise IT solutions with headquarters in the USA and technology partners across the globe. VCE brings customers the ultimate in converged infrastructure for data center virtualization—integrating components from VMware, EMC, and Cisco, the world's most recognizable names in virtualization, storage, and networking. With investments and backing from these partner companies, VCE has unmatched collective expertise in data center infrastructure management solutions and a rock solid business foundation that ensures its place as the market leader in converged infrastructure. We provide our customers unified technical support for the entire converged infrastructure stack (compute, network, storage, and virtualization) and a range of professional services geared toward helping you get maximum benefit from virtualization and cloud computing.

VCE's Enterprise IT Solutions

The foundation of VCE's enterprise IT solutions is the Vblock™ Systems family of converged infrastructure products. Vblock Systems are available in different sizes and configurations, from value-priced systems geared toward mid-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices up to enterprise class systems for multi-national corporations with the most demanding networking and computing environments. Vblock Systems support a wide range of enterprise IT solutions such as:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Application development based on the DevOps model
  • Virtualization of enterprise applications like SAP or Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted collaboration
  • Mixed workload support
  • Healthcare IT solutions that require strict security and compliance

VCE also offers specialized desktop virtualization solutions. The VCE virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) maximizes the security of the customer's intellect property and sensitive data. End user applications and data are stored on servers in the data center and not on desktops that can more easily be compromised or on portable devices that can be lost or stolen.

VCE's Enterprise IT Services

Along with providing our customers a wide range of enterprise IT solutions built on the industry's best converged infrastructure, VCE offers expert data center services including:

  • Professional services to support Vblock Systems customers throughout the planning, implementation, and integration stages
  • Migration support services
  • Remote managed services including daily operations, performance monitoring, and utilization assessment

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