EMC Storage

EMC storage is a featured component in VCE Vblock™ Systems, together with Cisco compute and networking components and VMware virtualization technology. Vblock Systems are the market-leading converged infrastructure for virtualization and cloud computing. The Vblock Systems family includes solutions to meet the requirements of various sized organizations in numerous industries.

EMC Storage in VCE Vblock Systems

All Vblock Systems come equipped with EMC storage components that are pre-installed in VCE cabinets:

  • Vblock 100, 200, and 300 series solutions include EMC VNX components. For VCE's value solution, Vblock 100 series, the included EMC VNXe component is a compact storage platform with a Unified (NAS) configuration. Vblock 200 and 300 series solutions have EMC VNX storage arrays with either a Unified (NAS) or Block configuration.
  • Vblock 700 series solutions include EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage systems. These highly capable EMC storage systems are known worldwide for their superior performance, and bundle numerous software components that optimize array performance, introduce virtual provisioning, facilitate array tiering, availability, and data integrity, allow for device creation, management, and monitoring, and include an array-based IO splitter that is compatible with EMC RecoverPoint EX replication software.

All Vblock Systems are well-suited for supporting enterprise cloud storage services and feature integrated safeguards to help ensure cloud storage security.

EMC Storage Solutions and Data Protection

VCE's Vblock Data Protection solution offers a choice of several EMC storage applications: EMC Avamar, EMC Data Domain, and EMC VPLEX. This comprehensive data protection suite has elements for data backup and data recovery, replication, and business continuity. Collectively these applications can fortify any organization's IT disaster recovery plan.

VCE Custom Options Based on EMC Storage Solutions

EMC Storage is also a core component in specialized Vblock Systems that are tailored toward specific use cases. For example:

  • The Vblock Specialized System for High Performance Databases option helps organizations with large databases and mixed workloads realize lightning-fast throughput. This specialized system is well suited to retail or financial entities with large volume and point of sale transactions.
  • The Vblock Specialized Systems for Extreme Applications option utilizes a key EMC storage component, a flash-based array, to guarantee supreme performance and responsiveness.
  • The Vblock Desktop Virtualization System is VCE's solutions for end user computing. With virtual user desktops hosted on servers in the data center, the VCE virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) ensures optimum storage utilization, centralized management, and enhanced security and compliance.

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