Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Desktop virtualization solutions bring a new level of efficiency to end user computing:
  • System provisioning, as well as decommissioning, is rapid using provisioning and snapshot tools that are native to the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
  • Users benefit from the dynamic and flexible computing power that data center virtualization affords, as well as expedient data recovery when the unexpected happens.

Because of the growing trend toward desktop virtualization solutions, more organizations are considering adopting a BYOD, or "bring your down device" policy by allowing users to use their personal devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to access their work-based computing environment. This is a win-win for both users and the organization, as users prefer to carry fewer devices, and organizations enjoy the reduction in hardware expenses and maintenance.

Desktop Virtualization Solutions Bundled with VCE Vblock Systems

With VCE Vblock™ System converged infrastructure products, desktop virtualization solutions are pre-integrated into a complete platform for delivery of IT as a Service (ITaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offerings. These ready-made virtualized infrastructure stacks are fast and easy to deploy and feature market-leading technologies from EMC, VMware, and Cisco, with unified technical support from VCE.

VCE's desktop virtualization solutions equip IT departments with the ability to deliver a first-rate desktop experience:

  • VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop, a solution suited to organizations with BYOD policies, ensures a secure yet flexible computing environment.
  • VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care, which is prevalent among healthcare IT solutions, duplicates an active desktop environment so that healthcare workers, and workers in other industries who need constant availability can continue working seamlessly if a failure disrupts the primary environment.
  • Native Vblock System functionality contributes scalable compute, storage, and networking capacity, consistent performance during unplanned events like boot storms, and streamlined administration for routine provisioning, decommissioning, and data protection.

Vblock Systems for Desktop Virtualization Solutions

All Vblock Systems converged infrastructure solutions support desktop virtualization, from the Vblock 100 System designed for mid-sized data centers and branch offices, to the Vblock 700 System, which boasts capabilities for the most demanding and complex IT environments. Because Vblock Systems are both modular and scalable, they grow with the organization.

Additionally, VCE offers professional services specifically in support of desktop virtualization solutions:

  • The VCE Desktop Virtualization Optimization Service produces key metrics on performance and utilization for desktop and application computing. This managed service is one of many that can provide an organization with the critical knowledge that is useful for fine-tuning performance and evaluating existing configurations.
  • The VCE Desktop Virtualization Integration Service is a technology service in which VCE deploys and integrates remote desktop management technology prior to shipment, and optionally performs additional configuration on site.

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