Data Recovery

Business demands and regulatory mandates have pushed corporate IT departments to develop systems and procedures to ensure that lost or corrupted data can be restored quickly and completely. At the same time, runaway growth in the volume and variety of corporate data makes it difficult to meet ambitious data recovery objectives.

Fortunately, next-generation backup and data recovery technologies offer relief to beleaguered IT shops. VCE™ Vblock™ Systems – the market-leading converged infrastructure solutions which pre-integrate EMC storage, Cisco server and networking, and VMware virtualization -- enable IT organizations to modernize their backup and data recovery capabilities while also transforming their core IT infrastructure.

Improved Technologies for Faster, More Reliable Data Recovery

Recent technological advances offer IT teams new and better ways to safeguard valuable data. For example, disk-based backup has become a cost-effective and attractive alternative to backing up to tape. Disk-based data backup is simpler to manage than tape backup, provides greater security than tapes, and allows for faster and more reliable data recovery than tape-based solutions. The Vblock™ Data Protection solution extends the Vblock Systems converged infrastructure stack with versatile disk-based backup systems from EMC, the market leader in backup and data recovery.

Data deduplication is a second technology that can lessen the burden and costs of data backup and data recovery. Incorporating advanced deduplication mechanisms into data backup systems –particularly the sub-file, variable-length deduplication supported by Vblock Data Protection -- sharply reduces network bandwidth usage and backup storage capacity requirements. Deduplication also accelerates data recovery by enabling enterprises to store full daily backups rather than weekly full backups in combination with daily incremental backups.

Automated remote backup is another progressive feature supported by the Vblock Data Protection solution. Gone are the days when your IT disaster recovery plan had to depend on shuttling around backup tapes. By dramatically reducing the amount of backup data, deduplication makes it practical to automatically replicate backup data over a WAN to a remote site or to cloud backup services.

Modernized Data Recovery as Part of a Complete Infrastructure Solution

Converged infrastructure solutions from VCE are the fastest and most dependable way to modernize your data center so that your IT team can deliver the agility, performance, and data security that today's business users demand. With best-in-class hardware components and pre-integrated server virtualization and storage virtualization technology, Vblock Systems are the ideal platform for developing and running highly responsive managed IT services, including public or private cloud services.

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