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Data protection in today's corporate IT environment is imperative and increasingly difficult. Several factors are making it hard for IT teams to keep up with data protection demands, including:

  • There's far more data to protect than ever before, and the scope of data protection is determined not just by business objectives but also by ever-expanding regulatory requirements.
  • Despite exponential data growth, data backup windows are typically unchanged or shrinking.
  • Backup and archival storage capacity is being strained by the growing volume of protected data and by longer mandated retention periods.
  • In a hyper-competitive, technology-driven marketplace, businesses are demanding that their IT groups deliver lightning-fast data and services recovery in the event that primary data copies are lost, corrupted, or become unavailable.

Vblock™ Systems converged infrastructure solutions from VCE enable IT groups to meet these modern data protection challenges while also improving overall IT efficiency and agility.

Vblock Data Protection: Converged Infrastructure with Integrated Backup and Recovery

Vblock Systems are the world's most advanced converged infrastructure solutions, featuring pre-integrated Cisco computing systems and networking, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization. Available in a variety of footprints and capacities, Vblock Systems accelerate your IT transformation by providing unified support for server virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization, and cloud computing.

While transforming your IT infrastructure, Vblock Systems can also modernize your data protection systems and operations. With Vblock Systems you can choose from leading EMC data backup and recovery solutions that enable your organization to:

  • Replace cumbersome and unreliable tape-based data protection systems with simple, fast, dependable disk-based backup and recovery technologies.
  • Leverage state-of-art deduplication technology to dramatically reduce backup times, network bandwidth consumption, and backup storage footprint.
  • Automatically replicate backed up data to a remote site or to cloud backup services.
  • Take continuous snapshots to support restoration to any point-in-time.
  • Manage multiple virtualized data centers in active/active mode with bi-directional data replication, to support an IT disaster recovery plan that delivers zero data loss and near-zero application recovery time.

Infrastructure and Data Protection Modernization Made Fast and Simple

Vblock Systems from VCE are the fastest, easiest, and most dependable way to modernize your IT infrastructure and your data protection systems. A right-sized Vblock System can be delivered to your organization in as little as 30 days, and the factory pre-integration and pre-validation of the system sharply reduces the set-up time and effort required from your own team. Vblock Systems also feature unified technical support across the entire platform.

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