Data Center Virtualization

For enterprise computing environments, data center virtualization offers optimum efficiency and flexibility. The benefits are numerous, and translate directly into:

  • Cost savings for your organization through a reduction in hardware and IT administration
  • A more environmentally friendly infrastructure that produces less heat and requires less energy
  • A reliable, manageable, and scalable data center that natively allows for disaster recovery, redundancy, streamlined application and server deployment, and dynamic testing, as well as an easier transition to the cloud

VCE's data center virtualization solutions, called Vblock™ Systems, combine industry-leading technologies into a converged infrastructure that features:

These pre-configured can be deployed in environments of all sizes, whether your organization has a computer closet, a server room, or a dedicated facility. Compact and powerful, Vblock Systems are the perfect platform for data center consolidation, and also feature integrated solutions for data protection and security.

Data Center Virtualization and Automation

As part of your data center virtualization strategy, take advantage of data center automation methods that free up precious IT resources by streamlining common tasks, such as provisioning servers and applications.

With VCE's converged infrastructure solutions, your automation strategy can also include updating non-compliant software and firmware, and running reports on configuration issues that can impact security. VCE delivers all these capabilities, along with industry-leading desktop virtualization solutions at the fingertips of your IT staff.

Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Data center virtualization is a key enabler for a transition to cloud computing. As you transform your organization's IT infrastructure with VCE's award-winning virtualization and cloud solutions, consider having VCE™ Advisory Services assist your organization with cloud design and development. Whether your organization wants to build out a private cloud or a hybrid cloud, we can help you:

  • Align your virtualization and cloud strategy with key business objectives
  • Prioritize goals for your cloud migration
  • Identify and promote the benefits of cloud computing within your organization

We also offer a range of VCE™ Managed Services in support of data center virtualization and cloud, including:

  • VCE Cloud Enablement Services for remote monitoring and management of your cloud computing environment, including full support and expertise in data center virtualization,
  • VCE Cloud Optimization Services for optimizing cloud solutions based on your organization's needs, and
  • VCE Desktop Virtualization Optimization Service for analysis of your organization's desktop and application environments with performance and utilization metrics.

Learn more about how VCE Vblock Systems can make your path to data center virtualization faster and simpler.

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