Data Center Transformation

Data center transformation is a growing trend today as more companies move systems and applications to the cloud computing service delivery model. To achieve the benefits of the cloud, outdated infrastructure must be replaced with more efficient, flexible technologies that can accommodate customer needs internally and externally. A well-planned, strategically implemented IT transformation is essential for any business to stay competitive in a constantly evolving global economy.

The Push for Data Center Transformation

The number of companies turning to data center transformation and cloud computing is huge and continues to rise. In a report published by Gartner in May 2012, 78% of the companies surveyed said they would pursue a cloud computing strategy by 2014. IDC predicted in Forbes magazine's 2013 report on trends in IT that spending on cloud technologies would surge by 25% over the next year, totaling $100 billion.

So what does all of this mean? Companies must be agile to compete in today's marketplace, and that requires agile IT. Without data center transformation, companies risk falling behind, or worse. To be successful, companies need an effective cloud computing strategy with three key components:

  • Data center consolidation of physical servers to reduce hardware and facility costs and save energy.
  • Data center virtualization to facilitate consolidation and agility. Virtualization of servers, storage, and even desktops enhances a data center's efficiency and flexibility, allowing new and upgraded applications and services to be deployed faster than the competition.
  • Data center automation to empower business users and free IT staff, so IT has more time to focus on projects that improve service performance and customer satisfaction.

VCE's Solutions for Data Center Transformation

VCE is among the world's top solution providers for data center transformation. Our Vblock™ Systems converged infrastructure solutions integrate server, storage, and network technologies into a single virtualized IT stack. Components from market leaders Cisco, EMC, and VMware are factory integrated and validated to your company's unique specifications, enabling faster deployment, reliable interoperability, and predictable performance.

Take your data center transformation to the next level by integrating VCE™ Vblock Systems with the Cisco ACI (application centric infrastructure) network automation suite. In the Cisco application centric infrastructure framework, applications guide networking behavior – not the other way around. Configurable policy profiles provide robust automation of tasks such network provisioning, workload placement, and security policy implementation. The result is an unprecedented degree of IT agility in support of shifting business demands and opportunities—agility that can help your enterprise compete and win in today's marketplace.

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