Data Center Services

Data center services are the backbone of the modern company. Business suffers across the board when these services under-perform. If data center services are interrupted because legacy systems are down and resources need to be reallocated, a company's operations can suddenly become paralyzed, causing hardships for employees and customers alike. If legacy systems are preventing a company from moving as quickly and effectively as its competitors, a data center transformation may be critical to the company's survival.

Preparing for the Future of Data Center Services

Cloud computing is the future of data center services transformation. But in reality, that future is here already.

Today's organizations must be online 24/7, around the world, to respond to the rigorous, fast-paced demands of the marketplace and unpredictable economic conditions. This requires network infrastructure services and applications with greater agility and flexibility than ever before. Therefore, many companies are turning to cloud computing and IT as a Service (ITaaS).

Enterprise executives evaluate IT departments on their abilities to support business objectives. In response, IT administrators focus on deploying scalable data center services on demand while staying within budget.

To accomplish this, more IT administrators are choosing converged systems that integrate compute, storage, and network resources, virtualization, and data center infrastructure management tools into a single platform. According to a report by IDC, organizations worldwide invested $3.3 billion on converged systems in 2012, with spending continuing to rise year-over-year. Converged infrastructure provide a faster and more reliable path to data center transformation than does patching together solutions from multiple vendors.

Data center automation is also crucial in the world of the cloud. When routine tasks are automated, IT personnel have more time to focus on developing new and enhanced data center services that align with business objectives and position the organization for further growth. Automation can also reduce errors and facilitate self-service by business users.

Vblock Systems from VCE: The Ready-Made Platform for Agile Data Center Services

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