Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data center infrastructure management can be challenging at best. Not only must you ensure that your users can access the applications and systems they need at anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices, you also need to maintain a secure environment. It's a delicate, fast-paced balancing act.

Transforming Data Center Infrastructure Management into the Next Generation

A solid operational model is at the heart of data center infrastructure management. Efficiency, security, availability, and flexibility all must be accounted for to ensure that the environment meets dynamic business demands. The Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is superior in all of these areas and can transform your IT environment into the next generation.

Here are just a few benefits of using the Cisco ACI solution for your data center:
  • Share a common management framework for all physical and virtual resources.
  • Automate the provisioning of resources based on configurable application policy profiles.
  • Easily deploy new applications or migrate existing ones across a pool of virtualized resources.
  • Enable a holistic view of all of your applications across physical and virtual environments.
  • Run traditional enterprise applications and enterprise cloud applications side by side on a dynamic, scalable network.
  • Dissolve IT silos for application management, security, and network infrastructure services.

Leveraging advanced networking data center automation technologies from Cisco, the ACI framework transforms data center infrastructure management by making applications the focal point of management efforts and having networked resources automatically and dynamically respond to defined application requirements for performance and security. By greatly simplifying data center infrastructure management, Cisco ACI frees IT staff from routine tasks so they can focus on strategic initiatives and improving customer service.

Ready to Transform Your Data Center Infrastructure Management?

The fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to transform your data center infrastructure management to the application centric model is through Vblock™ Systems from VCE. The leader in converged infrastructure solutions for cloud computing, VCE provides complete virtualized IT stacks featuring Cisco compute and networking components, EMC storage, and Vmware virtualization technology.

We offer pre-integrated, pre-validated systems that support the Cisco ACI approach to data center infrastructure management while also providing you all the operational and service quality benefits that derive from virtualization and cloud computing. We also offer remote managed IT services that enable your IT team to spend less time watching over systems and more time developing valuable solutions and services for your business users.

Learn more about Vblock Systems converged infrastruction solutions.

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