Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation is crucial for any organization to remain competitive in today's demanding, fast-paced marketplace. Reducing the footprint of physical IT assets can take a variety of forms, but the bottom line is significant capital and operating cost savings.

Several methods are used in data center consolidation to reduce the size of a facility or merge one or more facilities. Examples are replacing mainframes with blade servers, removing underutilized assets, implementing server and storage virtualization, and building private clouds that encourage efficient IT resource use by business units.

The Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

When implemented correctly, data center consolidation balances diverse resources without increasing management complexity. The simpler the consolidation, the lower the operating costs. Planning is key in ensuring the consolidation achieves the intended goals of the IT department and the company. The outcome not only affects network and employee performance, it also impacts the company's ability to respond to market and economic conditions.

In addition to substantial cost savings, data center consolidation based on virtualization has these advantages:

  • Automation increases, which reduces the burden of routine tasks. IT resources can reallocate their time toward innovative tasks that enhance the network environment and improve customer satisfaction internally and externally.
  • New and upgraded applications are deployed faster and legacy applications removed easily.
  • Higher availability results in less downtime because of network and device malfunctions.

All of these benefits simplify data center infrastructure management, which transforms your data center into an agile environment that reacts quickly to evolving business directions and strategies.

VCE Redefines Data Center Consolidation

VCE has taken data center consolidation to an entirely new level with the industry's leading integrated and virtualized cloud infrastructure system. VCE Vblock™ Systems are pre-built, pre-configured cloud infrastructure stacks that integrate Cisco compute and network components, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization technology. With Vblock Systems, deployment is five times faster, downtime is 96% less, and operational costs are half of comparable multi-vendor enterprise IT solutions.

VCE's converged infrastructure systems are built, configured, and tested in the factory to reduce the amount of setup time onsite. When the systems are delivered, professional technicians connect the systems and verify proper operation of the equipment.

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