Data Center Automation

Data center automation is simply good business. It streamlines operations. It improves flexibility, allowing your business to react quickly to changing market conditions. And it frees up resources from routine tasks, which allows them to focus on projects that support business objectives and improve the bottom line.

Data Center Automation Transforms Enterprises

Data center automation is a key component of a successful cloud computing strategy. Cloud computing helps organizations keep pace with rapidly changing demands internally and externally through data center consolidation, resource pooling, virtualization, and automation.

Cloud applications place demands on the infrastructure in new ways. In these environments, the infrastructure must become application aware and flexible to support rapid application instantiation and migration. And this application centric infrastructure must also support secure multi-tenancy, another key feature of cloud computing.

Building, configuring, and managing these environments generally mean reliance on multiple vendors, which makes data center automation difficult at best. Incompatibility issues among devices and software persist, resulting in downtime and higher overhead costs. Legacy systems are often not designed for complex cloud models and the rapid setup and removal of services in physical and virtual resources. So data center transformation can be labor intensive and expensive when companies decide to migrate to cloud environments.

When you choose VCE's enterprise IT solutions, you're working with a single professional team that provides a fully pre-integrated cloud platform. Effective data center automation is achieved within an infrastructure that is compact, secure, scalable, and agile.

VCE's Data Center Automation Solutions

When you're in the market for data center automation solutions, look no further than VCE. Our Vblock™ Systems are the world's most advanced converged infrastructure, with pre-integrated compute, network, storage, virtualization, and automation technologies from industry leaders Cisco, EMC, and VMware. Vblock Systems are packaged, pre-configured, and pre-tested to meet the rigorous demands of your data center, regardless of its size. All components are factory integrated and validated, resulting in faster deployment, reliable interoperability, and predictable performance. We build the systems to your specifications, deliver them to your IT site, and our professional services experts complete the installation and training onsite.

When the Vblock Systems platform is integrated with Cisco ACI (application centric infrastructure) technology, your IT facility is transformed into a next-generation data center. In the Cisco ACI framework, the applications guide networking behavior, not the other way around. Policy profiles automate network provisioning, application services, security policies, and workload placement. The benefits are lower costs, fewer errors, faster deployments, and a more agile business. Data center infrastructure management can't get any easier than this.

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