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Data backup has evolved to become both one of the most important tasks that an IT department performs and one of its most complex and burdensome tasks. The explosive growth of corporate data, the advent of server virtualization with its implications for data density, and business demands for uninterrupted service availability have combined to make data backup and recovery a focal point and often a pain point.

Vblock™ Systems from VCE afford IT organizations the opportunity to transform their data backup and recovery operations at the same time as they modernize and virtualize their IT infrastructures. Vblock Systems are a family of industry-leading converged infrastructure solutions that pre-integrate, pre-test, and pre-validate Cisco compute and network technologies, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization software. These next-generation IT platforms also provide customers with options for pre-integrated data protection solutions from EMC, the market leader in data backup, recovery, and business continuity.

Data Backup and Recovery Optimized for Virtualized Environments

Vblock Systems deliver the best in virtualization, agility, and scalability, while also offering proven solutions for the full range of modern data backup and data recovery challenges:

  • Fast Daily Backups and One-Click Recovery. EMC's Avamar data backup software and system uses sub-file, variable-length data deduplication at the source to dramatically accelerate daily backups and reduce network bandwidth requirements and backup storage footprint. Optionally combine with EMC Data Domain for inline deduplication at the data backup repository as well. Restore from full backups in a single step.
  • Continuous Data Protection for Demanding RPOs. For workloads with aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs), EMC RecoverPoint supports backup snapshots as frequently as every few seconds. Restore to any point-in-time that you want.
  • Seamless Disaster Recovery with Zero Data Loss. For the ultimate in business continuity, EMC VPLEX lets you manage multiple infrastructure platforms as virtualized pools of resources, continuously mirror application data across multiple sites within a metro area, load balance application traffic across sites, and seamlessly re-route all traffic to the live site in the event that one site is struck by a natural or man-made disaster. Vblock Systems with VPLEX are ideal for enterprises modernizing their infrastructure in support of an IT disaster recovery plan, or for cloud service providers wanting to implement highly resilient cloud backup services.

Data Backup in a Complete IT Infrastructure Stack with Unified Support

With Vblock Systems from VCE, you not only get a pre-integrated compute, storage, and network stack with versatile options for data backup and recovery—you also get unified support for the whole solution from VCE. No passing of the buck or pointing of fingers—just one-call, full-responsibility support from the IT experts at VCE.

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