Cloud Data Storage

Organizations are producing and handling more data than ever, and every day more companies are finding that using cloud data storage is the most cost-effective and secure way to store, back up and archive that data.

Leveraging the unique advantages of cloud computing infrastructure, cloud data storage services enable businesses to respond quickly to the unpredictable demands of the marketplace and the need for unlimited scalability in IT resource provisioning. Cloud storage services allow the enterprise to free up on-site, primary storage systems for mission-critical applications and data and achieve more efficient use of online storage capacity while gaining an affordable, convenient off-site location for backup and disaster recovery.

Leveraging the Capabilities of Virtualization with Cloud Data Storage

Using storage virtualization technology to achieve resource pooling, multi-tenancy capabilities and storage elasticity, cloud data storage supplies organizations with critical cloud computing benefits such as:

  • On-demand resource provisioning and data recovery
  • Reduced space, power, cooling and maintenance requirements for IT infrastructure
  • Virtually unlimited scalability

By taking advantage of cloud-based storage solutions, the enterprise reduces CAPEX and achieves greater business agility while IT staff is better able to focus on innovation and adding value to the business.

Moreover, cloud data storage is made accessible to users via standard APIs and communication protocols. With cloud computing solutions , the physical location of data becomes irrelevant, and universal access to data and applications from anywhere within the network becomes possible—enabling the development and implementation of services for backup and recovery, file sync and share (FSS), and device-agnostic access. Further, through the replication of storage objects across multiple physical machines and locations, cloud data storage supplies fault tolerance and high availability.

Implementing a Cloud Data Storage Strategy with Vblock™ Systems

Many organizations are now utilizing cloud data storage for archiving and data retention purposes and as a disaster recovery solution—usage that benefits greatly from a hybrid model that integrates on-site storage systems with public cloud storage tiers. Essentially, by virtually extending storage infrastructure to the cloud, companies are able to intelligently distribute data across on-premise and cloud storage layers through a common management interface, scaling up or down as necessary.

For companies concerned about public cloud storage security or seeking greater flexibility and control over the cloud storage architecture, IT shops are taking advantage of converged infrastructure solutions and adding private cloud capabilities to in-house data centers. Using Vblock™ Systems from VCE—fully integrated, preconfigured stacks of best-in-class server, network, and storage components, complete with virtualization and management tools—organizations are able to easily design and implement the cloud data storage strategy that best suits their particular needs.

Learn more about how Vblock Systems from VCE can help you reap the benefits of a cloud data storage solution today.

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