Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing solutions, ranging from consumer-oriented SaaS applications and PaaS offerings for developers to enterprise-class virtual server environments and cloud data storage, are providing users with dynamic platforms for consumption, creation, innovation and growth.

For businesses, cloud computing solutions are bringing an organizational expenditure shift from CAPEX to OPEX. And in IT, cloud services are establishing a new set of best practices, prioritizing flexibility in IT provisioning, cost-effective resource utilization, and faster deployment of tools and services.

How Cloud Computing Solutions Support Businesses

Whether deployed via a public cloud or private cloud, organizations are benefiting from cloud computing solutions in a number of significant ways. By taking advantage of a cloud computing infrastructure, businesses are able to achieve:

  • Agility. Business departments can access and rapidly assemble the IT assets they need to develop new products, incubate and integrate new services, and experiment with new methods of engaging with consumers and clients.
  • Connectivity. Cloud computing solutions bring data, computational power, and people together, fostering collaboration and new partnerships, boosting productivity, and encouraging innovation.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency. The flexibility and scalability enabled by cloud infrastructure promotes a shift in business expenditures from fixed (CAPEX) to variable (OPEX) costs, allowing and encouraging companies to utilize IT resources cost-effectively.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions For IT Departments

Cloud computing solutions are also bringing welcome changes to IT departments. With the introduction of virtualization and cloud computing, IT staff can spend less time and budget on the maintenance of current IT systems and instead focus greater attention on managing and optimizing workflows and adding value to the business with improved information technologies and tools.

One way enterprise IT is leveraging the capabilities of cloud computing is through the creation of private clouds or hybrid clouds. By partnering with industry experts such as VCE, IT organizations are discovering how to use technology more efficiently, improve system availability, automate the provisioning of IT resources, and improve the agility of the data center as a whole.

Leveraging the Power of Vblock Systems to Implement Cloud Computing Solutions

Vblock™ Systems, a family of converged infrastructure solutions from VCE, integrate best-of-breed compute, storage, network, and virtualization components from industry leaders EMC, Cisco, and VMware. With the foundation of a Vblock System in your data center, you can quickly and confidently deploy cloud capability.

VCE provides cloud computing providers and enterprises with hardware, software, service and support, all in one convenient solution. Bring your cloud computing solution to market today with Vblock, the world's most advanced converged infrastructure.

Learn more about how a Vblock System from VCE can help your organization secure the benefits of cloud computing.

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