Cloud Computing Providers

With Vblock™ Systems, converged infrastructure bringing together best-in-class compute, storage, network, and virtualization technologies from Cisco, EMC and VMware, VCE enables cloud computing providers to rapidly build and easily manage the cloud services businesses and consumers have come to depend on.

VCE Vblock Systems provide cloud computing providers with scalable, integrated solutions for the development of highly virtualized cloud architectures, so providers can deliver the performance, agility, and security essential for a commercial cloud offering.

Cloud Computing Providers Deliver IT-as-a-Service

The market for cloud solutions ranging from cloud data storage to development platforms and web-based applications is growing every day, tapping into key technology trends such as virtualization and the proliferation of high-speed broadband and networked mobile devices.

By providing robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guaranteeing high availability and predictable performance, cloud computing providers make possible reliable, efficient delivery of IT-as-a-service. The cloud computing service model is changing the way information technology is deployed, operated, and consumed, ushering in an era of unprecedented IT efficiency and agility.

Cloud storage, and the associated cloud-based services that automate data protection and disaster recovery, is one area that is expanding rapidly due to the increasing amounts of data the enterprise creates, handles and needs to store. Cloud backup services in particular are becoming a core technology upon which other productivity-driving information services, such as device-agnostic file share and sync services, are being developed and delivered by cloud computing providers.

Cloud Computing Providers Provide More than Just Infrastructure

Although some enterprises still have concerns about cloud computing security and especially cloud storage security, established cloud computing providers provide substantial security and privacy features including encryption of data during transmission and while at rest, multi-factor authentication systems, and documented data privacy policies and procedures.

Indeed, established cloud computing providers offer customers not only secure computing infrastructures and geographically-distributed, hardened data centers but also service assurances such as:

  • Multi-level SLAs. SLAs specify requirements for availability, resilience, data confidentiality and integrity, and many other facets of service quality, setting a transparent level of service that consumers can expect.
  • Third-party validation and accreditation. Cloud providers undergo periodic certification and audit processes such as ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 in order to assure their users that security and compliance are being achieved throughout the service.

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