Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud computing infrastructure is designed and managed to dynamically deliver IT resources and services on-demand across a network through simple, easy-to-use APIs. Taking advantage of enabling technologies such as cloud computing virtualization and orchestration, cloud computing infrastructure enables the rapid, elastic provisioning of platforms and applications, and supplies resource usage monitoring and management capabilities.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Elements

The technologies and tools used in the cloud computing infrastructure to realize the flexibility, manageability and dependability of cloud computing solutions include:

  • Virtualization. By abstracting the hardware element and creating a dynamic shared pool of virtual compute and storage resources, IT departments are able to more efficiently utilize the underlying physical assets and to more quickly respond to shifting business needs.
  • Orchestration. Using automated workflows to coordinate and manage applications, data and infrastructure for delivery of IT-as-a-service, cloud orchestration enables self-service, pay-by-use IT provisioning and simplified infrastructure management.
  • Convergence. Integrating servers, storage, and network components with virtualization and cloud management solutions into a converged unit reduces infrastructure complexity and facilitates automation and holistic management.
  • Multi-level security. By implementing a wide range of physical and logical measures to protect networks, platforms, applications, and data, cloud service providers are able to offer users a high degree of cloud computing security.

Through the incorporation of these elements into intelligent cloud services and solutions, cloud computing providers are able to offer users the advantages of a robust, scalable, and secure cloud environment: namely, reduced IT spending, increased collaboration and productivity, and enhanced business agility.

Simplifying Implementation of the Cloud Computing Infrastructure with Vblock Systems

In order to secure the benefits of the cloud for businesses, enterprise IT departments are now leveraging the advanced capabilities of converged infrastructure from VCE. Bringing together best-in-class compute, storage, network, and virtualization components from market leaders EMC, Cisco, and VMware, VCE™ Vblock™ Systems simplify and streamline deployment of cloud computing infrastructure.

When you choose a Vblock System from VCE, we manufacture, configure and optimize each system to meet the specific needs of your organization and to ensure superior performance, scalability, and availability. We also provide you with pre-tested patches and comprehensive service and support throughout the lifecycle of your Vblock System.

Learn more about how Vblock Systems can accelerate your transformation to a cloud computing infrastructure.

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