Cloud Backup Services

As IT environments expand to handle larger amounts of data and increase in sophistication with advances in virtualization, the process of retaining and protecting essential business data becomes increasingly cumbersome. Many organizations are now turning to cloud backup services to handle the complex, time-consuming tasks necessary for ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Cloud backup services ensure that important enterprise data is protected from loss and available offsite as a means of disaster recovery. And by relieving IT staff and end users from the burden of implementing backups, cloud backup and cloud data storage solutions help increase business productivity, significantly reduce CAPEX, and allow IT teams to focus greater attention on innovation.

Data Protection Made Simple with Cloud Backup Services

Data protection is easy to implement with cloud backup services as users are typically supplied with tools for automating the creation of backup data and its transfer to the cloud storage repository. Moreover, after the initial backup upload, lightweight agents running on protected devices can back up selected data as scheduled or when certain thresholds are reached as well as detect and back up new and changed portions of data.

Cloud backup services can also be used to establish a common repository of data that can be securely accessed by authorized users, encouraging collaboration and giving businesses a competitive advantage in today's increasingly dispersed workplace.

Ensuring the Security of Cloud Backup Services

Although public cloud backup services typically employ hardened data center facilities, storage architecture optimized for data protection, and specialized features for file integrity monitoring, some enterprises remain hesitant to use such services due to concerns about security.

For enterprises handling sensitive data, dealing with stringent compliance regulations, or seeking greater visibility into and control over data backup and data recovery processes, leveraging the capabilities of cloud computing environments on-premises with a private cloud or taking selective advantage of public cloud backup services via a hybrid architecture may be a more suitable way to approach cloud design, deployment and use.

Ready-Made Infrastructure Solutions for Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Backup Services

For service providers building out a cloud backup services offering or for enterprises building private or hybrid clouds, VCE™ Vblock™ Systems are the perfect platform. With pre-integrated compute, network, storage, and virtualization components from Cisco, EMC, and VMware, Vblock Systems provide a complete, ready-made IT stack for cloud services development and delivery. In addition, VCE has offers an integrated suite of data protection solutions that have been optimized for virtualized environments.

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