Cisco ACI

VCE's Vblock Systems™ are the world's most advanced converged infrastructure, integrating Cisco compute and networking, EMC storage, and VMware virtualization to create a powerful and dynamic foundation for the next-generation data center. One of the many ways that Vblock Systems enable IT transformation and modernization is by supporting Cisco ACI (application centric infrastructure). Cisco ACI is an innovative architecture and operational model that radically simplifies and accelerates application deployment while enabling on-demand application scalability and mobility.

Cisco ACI Powers the Agile, Responsive Data Center

Cisco ACI paves the way for policy-based data center automation driven by the resource and security needs of business applications. Using a common policy framework that breaks down traditional IT organizational silos, application, network, and security managers create policy profiles for applications and application groups. Cisco ACI can then automatically provision network resources and services for those applications, based on the application policy profiles. Resource allocation is optimized for application performance, without negatively impacting applications that are already deployed.

The Cisco ACI fabric utilizes high-performance Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches, which are engineered to fully support Cisco ACI application policy-based network infrastructure services and automation features.

Another key component in the Cisco ACI architecture is the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). The APIC provides a unified point of data center infrastructure management and automation control, as well as supporting real-time health monitoring for distributed applications running on the Cisco ACI fabric.

Benefits of Modernizing Your Data Center with Vblock Systems and Cisco ACI

By modernizing your data center with Cisco ACI-ready Vblock Systems converged infrastructure solutions, your IT team can:

  • Achieve data center modernization faster and more reliably than you could by purchasing and integrating separate components.
  • Respond rapidly to service requests from line-of-business managers, leveraging Cisco ACI's advanced capabilities for application-driven infrastructure automation.
  • Gain end-to-end real-time visibility into application health and performance, improving your ability to detect and defuse emerging problems before they impact service quality.
  • Rely on VCE—a joint venture of Cisco and EMC—as a single source of customer support across the entire converged infrastructure stack.

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