Application Centric Infrastructure

In a fast-changing, intensely-competitive global marketplace, how well a business fares often comes down to how quickly it can respond to new opportunities and threats. For too many enterprises, traditional IT infrastructure is the lumbering leviathan that prevents or impedes the rapid adoption of new business strategies and tactics. Application centric infrastructure couples innovative networking and automation technology from Cisco with a transformative operational model that frees IT to move at the speed of business.

What Is Application Centric Infrastructure?

Application centric infrastructure (ACI) makes applications the focal point of policy creation, provisioning, management, and monitoring, rather than physical boxes, virtual machines, and network devices. In the Cisco ACI framework, application owners and administrators define requirements and policies for a specific application, and the system then automatically assigns and provisions the network resources necessary to support the application.

This unprecedented level of application-centered data center automation is enabled by next-generation Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches and a management and orchestration hub called the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). Through the APIC, the Cisco application centric infrastructure framework also delivers real-time visibility into application topology across physical and virtual resource layers, and into application health and performance.

By placing applications at the center of IT operations and automating the provisioning of physical and virtual resources based on application needs, application centric infrastructure provides benefits including:

  • Dramatically faster delivery of new IT services.
  • On-demand scale-out and tear-down of services in response to business needs.
  • Seamless application mobility within and across data centers.
  • Reduction in operational overhead and errors.
  • Enhanced ability to meet SLAs.

VCE Vblock: The Fastest, Simplest Way to Build an Application Centric Infrastructure

VCE™ is a joint venture of Cisco and EMC, dedicated to building and delivering the world's most advanced converged infrastructure solutions. VCE Vblock™ Systems pre-integrate Cisco server and networking components, EMC storage and data protection, and VMware virtualization technology for rapid, reliable build-out of the infrastructure to support private clouds and other modes of data center transformation.

Cisco ACI-ready Vblock Systems featuring Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches are available and ready to accelerate your transition to an application centric infrastructure. By using VCE converged systems your organization can deploy an application centric infrastructure quickly and dependably while also benefitting from best-in-class storage and virtualization technology, with the entire stack backed by VCE's technical support team.

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