Vblock Data Protection

The most complete data protection solution for VCE virtualized environments – Vblock Data Protection.

Protect your data while minimizing risk. Vblock™ Data Protection safeguards your virtualized infrastructure, applications, and workloads.

Vblock Data Protection
End-to-end solutions from backup to business continuity

Vblock Data Protection provides enhanced backup and recovery, data replication, business continuity, and workload mobility to deliver reliable and predictable data protection for Vblock™ Systems.

One call gets you the data protection solutions you need, optimized for your virtualized or cloud environments and fully supported by VCE. Nothing could be easier or simpler.

End-to-end solutions built on the latest technologies from EMC, Cisco, and VMware are integrated and validated to ensure optimum functionality and performance.

Choose from cost-effective daily backups or replication to zero-data-loss business continuity for your business-critical applications.

Vblock Data Protection elements

Vblock Data Protection consists of a family of solutions—leveraging technology from EMC, Cisco, and VMware that scale from one to many platforms within and across data centers—to address all of your data protection needs.

EMC Avamar
Streamlined backup and recovery hardware and software that handles client-side data deduplication—before transmission across the network to the backup target. This minimizes backup bottlenecks in data-intensive, virtual environments.

EMC Avamar plus Data Domain
Best of both worlds: client-side and target-based deduplication backup and recovery. The solution leverages high-speed technology to reduce your backup data storage footprint at the target device by 10x to 30x.

EMC RecoverPoint
Replication solution that can roll back to any point in time, using snapshots taken as frequently as seconds apart—for an improved recovery point objective (RPO). Also efficiently migrates data from an old platform to a new one or from one Vblock System to another.

An innovative workload mobility and business continuity solution. It can easily move business applications within or between Vblock Systems located in the same data center or metro area. EMC VPLEX can also mirror business-critical data, deliver zero data loss, and ensure automatic near-zero application recovery time.


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Vblock Data Protection

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