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Segmentation and Firewall Overview

Firewalls are an indispensable part of any organization’s corporate security strategy, helping segment critical infrastructure. VCE Vblock® Systems extensibility framework enables Vblock Systems to integrate—with little or no change—into existing security frameworks: PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27000; minimizing risk and operational disruption.

Vblock Systems are compatible with all physical firewall appliances and also support virtualized firewalls, such as those from Cisco and VMware, which offer new levels of capability and flexibility without compromising regulatory compliance or security policies.

Virtual firewalls tend to be characterized by their ability to process traffic between security zones (“north-south” or “perimeter”) like traditional firewalls, and between virtual resources within security zones (“east-west” or “zone”), creating new ways to secure sensitive traffic flows. North-south firewalls tend to use a traditional management paradigm: relatively static IP addresses + ports/services + actions; and they tend to have VPN, load-balancing, and other enhancement functions; while east-west firewalls have started exploring different approaches to management, such as rules based on VM attributes and dynamic trust zone definition (e.g., “PCI CDE App Tier”). Today, vendors tend to associate their products with one role or the other, but most of the offerings can provide at least some benefit in either role.

VCE™ Select Program includes products from investor companies: EMC, RSA, VMware and Cisco. Products here include:

VCE Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program extends the VCE security portfolio and offers a compatible partner-solution catalog via Vblock Ready certification. Partners here include:

  • Catbird vSecurity® provides comprehensive security compliance monitoring and enforcement through orchestrations of technical security controls in three areas: firewall (OEM of the VMware App Firewall), vulnerability scanning, and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems). VCE and Catbird have a sales referral relationship.